Friday, May 11, 2012

Soldering Process, Part 2

In order for solder to adhere to the perimeter of an object, it must be covered with copper foil and burnished.

Copper foil is available in different  widths to accommodate various thicknesses of objects.  The blue foil dispenser on the table below contains several rolls making it easy to dispense. 

Susan's Foiling and Burnishing Area

Copper soldering foil has adhesive on one side allowing it to stick to an object. For the most secure adhesion, clean the object with an alcohol wipe, let it dry and then add the foil.

Foil is placed on an object as if wrapping a present. You miter the corners making it as neat as possible and burnish or rub the foil until smooth to remove air pockets.

Completed copper foiled and burnished pieces
Visit my website to see the completed soldered pieces above and others.

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