Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anatomy of a (Colored Pencil) Drawing--Learning Curves

The High Museum of Art Atlanta is exhibiting the art of Salvador Dali through January 9, 2011.  Of course, being a lover of modern art, this exhibit is a must-see for me.  Every Thursday from 4-8pm is half-price admission.

I was going through a portfolio and located elements of my surrealist colored pencil drawing entitled "Learning Curves".  There are several images here showing my decision-making process to complete the drawing.  I'm only sure of the first and last as far as order of completion goes and that I flipped the entire image for the final work of art because the smile was the most important feature.


Overview Sketch


Color Selection

Background and Mouth Colors

More Background Ideas

Final Hair, Brow, Eye and Mouth Colors

Final Background Color Selection

Background Design Elements

Learning Curves, © Susan Calvert, all rights reserved
Learning Curves is a surrealist self-portrait composed of organic (curvilinear) and man-made (linear) shapes and patterns.  Both of these organic (emotional, metaphorical, poetic, abstract, imaginative) and man-made (intellectual, logical, rational, concrete, scientific) qualities have complimented one another throughout my life.  In addition, the apple and smile represent a personal "learning curve" peak--self-awareness and acceptance of my journey.