Thursday, March 19, 2009

The 10,000 (people interpret one word) Project

I just received my info to participate in the:

10,000 People Project

In the spirit of social experiments, the Art House Coop decided to create "The 10,000 Project".

You sign up, they send you a sheet of paper with a word on it and then you create a visual representation of the word. The catch is that 10,000 other people are doing the same as you. How many different ways will tens of thousands of people interpret the same word?

When they reach 10,000, the Art House Coop will host an exhibition at their gallery in Atlanta showing off what everyone came up with. Oh, and the thousand best will be published in an Art House series book too.

Click here for details to participate.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

SKETCH BOOK: The Vigorous Mind

While reading another blog, I noted the name of a book entitled “The Vigorous Mind”. As I wondered what it could be about, I started sketching and thinking about my life.

© Susan Calvert, all rights reserved

(beginning of sketch)

In a previous blog post, I mentioned getting bored easily. I start one project, another and another. Then eventually get back to the first project to complete it and so forth.

To get a better picture, think of a circle divided into 5 pie shapes. We’ll call the shapes, A, B, C, D & E, representing Susan’s “projects”. I start working on project A, then it’s time for dinner. I close up shop on project A to prepare dinner. Afterwards, there is not enough time to complete project A or I am bored, so I start project B. Round and round in a cyclical fashion until the projects are completed adding new ones along the way. Get the picture?

I’ve often joked with friends this might be ADD. It drives my husband mad. I feel like the kid in the candy store trying to quench my thirst for knowledge. Perhaps this is multi-tasking with so many ideas in my mind? What do you think?

"The Vigorous Mind", © Susan Calvert, all rights reserved

I’ve learned through telling this story, there are many people out there who are similarly "wired". Sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me. However, I’ve come to accept this is who I am (I am what I am, said Popeye the sailor man--*toot*, *toot*) and selected the title “The Vigorous Mind” for my sketch.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Canvas Project

I received this email today and signed up to participate:

Art House Coop

Your art at the world's busiest airport!

Sign up to receive five 3" x3" canvases and a list of 5 use generated
words that you are to interpret onto each canvas. The goal of the
exhibition is to create a visual encyclopedia using mini canvases and
artists from all over the world. At least one of your canvases will be
published in an Art House book and one will be on display at the
worlds busiest airport, The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International

Take part in this project to not only help gain exposure for yourself,
but also to push your creative ideas out. Everyone who signs up and
sends back their work will be included in the book and the
exhibition. We do not jury any of the work. Art House is all about
community and you don't have to be a professional artist to
participate in the exhibition. This project is about being creative
and inspiring yourself and others. We want to bring artists together
and give everyone a chance to show in galleries and other venues
across the country!

Sign up Deadline: April 15th 2009

Postmark Deadline: July 1st 2009

To sign up to participate, visit: