Thursday, August 28, 2008

North Cobb Arts League

The Georgia Arts Exchange emailed me an art listing update. Contained within was a blurb regarding the North Cobb Arts League (NCAL).

While researching the organization, I was invited to meet members on Saturday, August 23rd during the Melodies of the Meadow concert series featuring the Army Ground Forces Jazz Guardians. NCAL was providing food service for the musicians being held at The Art Station - Big Shanty in Kennesaw, GA.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the employees of The Art Station and members of NCAL while helping with buffet prep. I learned about art classes being offered through Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, NCAL events and viewed the current gallery exhibit at The Art Station. (Visits are free and open to the public, Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.)

Upon evaluation, I joined NCAL and am excited to participate in upcoming classes and events. Yippee!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boy Scouts of America Interview

Recently, my neighbor, Adam, who is a Boy Scout, interviewed me to learn about my small business, Good Girl Designs. He asked numerous in depth questions about my company including my business plan, product development, marketing, selling, etc.

Adam interviewed me, with Lucy there in the picture getting a butt rub--ha!, for over an hour. Afterwards, I gave him of a tour of my studio and stockroom showing him my art supplies, original art, reproduction items (prints, cards, magnets, list pads), packaging, displays and more.

Adam, here's to earning your merit badge for Entreprenuership on the road to your Eagle Scout. Hip-hip-hooray!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bathroom Renovation--Laying Tile

I learned how to lay and grout tile a few months ago. Here are a few pictures of my newly tiled bathroom sink area.

I purchased various white ceramic tiles from Home Depot and Lowe's and created my design on a paper template. (The red tiles are broken china pieces.) I hand cut the tile to fit where necessary and glued them in place with mastik. I mixed and slathered on the grout and wiped it smooth (what seemed like a million times, mind you!). I painted on sealer and caulked a few days later.

Fortunately for me, I sealed the tile including the existing floor. When I pulled off the blue painters tape, three sections of paint came off along the perimeter of my newly tiled area. Time to patch and paint. I brought in a can of paint for touch-ups. Can you guess what happened? Yes, you are correct, the can of paint spilled all over. Ugh!

I did a "Steve" and screamed the "F" word from the top of my lungs. My electrician came running asking if everything was okay. I showed him the spill and promptly said "Well, I'll see if that tile sealer I painted on the night before works." It did. Yippee!!!

While wiping up the paint, suddenly a "light bulb" moment occurred. I grabbed the roller and started using up the paint from the floor. Why waste paint, right? Lesson learned: Always seal your grout, makes for easy clean-up.

The following week, it was time to decorate. The two small red framed prints (1st pic) are from Utah artist, Jamie Johnson and the larger one (2nd pic) from StoryPeople artist, Brian Andreas. (Earlier this year I watched HGTV's Green Home Show building Brian's new eco-friendly "green" home in Santa Barbara, CA.) While hanging Brian's print, the hammer slipped. Ugh, again! It fell on my new tile job. Fortunately, there weren't any cracked tiles. Only a small piece of grout chipped out. I love lightweight tack hammers!

Looking back, I've come full circle with my tile laying. Best of all, I have a really cool looking bathroom that satisfies my creative muse within.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Project Runway Challenge

Fashion Designer, Jonelle, recently sent me this photo of her latest fashion creation for Oxy-Jen. Jonelle created the outfit seen here of her home state football team. Go Buckeyes!

I think this should be a challenge for the designers on my favorite television show, Project Runway, as seen on Bravo TV. I've watched every episode from the start. (Jay is my all-time favorite designer. Laura is my 2nd favorite designer.)

Hey Heidi and Tim! I think it would be a very unique and interesting challenge to have the designers create a weeks worth of oxygen tank outfits for people like Jonelle. I know it would lift her spirits to have designer oxygen tank clothes--ha! I can Jonelles's laughter now as she reads this. As they say on the show, "It's sew time....."