Sunday, February 10, 2008

Calvert Uses Art to Show Appreciation for Animals

By Mary Prickett, Paulding Neighbor Staff Writer

Artist Susan Calvert rarely has to look very far for inspiration. It usually follows her closely, on four legs.

When Ms. Calvert was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, she said she also found a purpose for her art.

This disease, which left her allergic to most chemicals and synthetic products, affects her neurologically. But, she said she is not allergic to dogs.

When she was diagnosed and could no longer work, Ms. Calvert said she began spending more time with her Labrador Retriever, Lucy. Ms. Calvert said she began painting Lucy and when she ran across a flier for the humane society's Doggie Dash, she felt she and her loyal companion could make a difference.

"I thought my dog has given me a life and it was time I gave something back for all animals," she said.

After speaking with the society, Ms. Calvert set up a booth and displayed her artwork. But, she said, that was just the beginning.

"I wanted to put up my own Web site and sell it on eBay," she said. "I wanted to give a percentage of what I sold to the Paulding Humane Society, because the euthanasia numbers are high here and there is so much over populating and fighting. I thought this was the way I could finally give something back."

After months of preparation, Ms. Calvert said she has finally launched the site and has posted numerous paintings online.

"I have 40 matted photo prints on sale on eBay right now and they are being sold for $24.99 through a program called Mission Fish," she said. "Whenever one is sold the donation is $5, or 20 percent, whichever is higher, and I have sold two so far, but I don't make any money on this."

The Web site,, also has a store, she said.

Now that everything is up and running, Ms. Calvert said she is glad to be able to help.

"This was the right thing for me to do and it felt great to sell my first two paintings," she said. "Lucy gave me a life and I know many people who couldn't live without their pets. We need to save more animals, spay and neuter and adopt, because they are beautiful souls and they give us so much."

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wanted - Domestic Fairy Godmother

Oh my goodness, where does time go? This past week was so busy. Hubby was working from home and Lucy (dog) tore the ligament in her knee. I am continuing to build my website and work on my new line of greeting cards entitled "Good Girls".

I created 6 funky paintings of women last year and thought they would make a fun line of cards. I brainstormed this past week for the inside copy. I was waking up at 2 and 3 am searching for a writing instrument and pad of paper in the dark next to my bed. Hubby was upset because my jostling was waking him even though the light wasn't on.

I didn't want to lose my ideas. You know how it is when something is on your mind: Quick, write it down! I grabbed the pen and notepad and wrote. To my surprise, my writing was actually legible during daylight hours--yippee!!!

I'm a bit tired from the late night hours. It seems my best creative genius comes in the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps, I am part owl?

As usual, I am behind on my projects: taxes, gardening (phlox, crocus, daffodils and pansies are presently blooming here) and the ever loving, housework--ugh!

My very favorite card and verse in my new line of greeting cards is: "Wanted - Domestic Fairy Godmother" (see image above). Suits me to a tee! I'd love to have my housework magically done for me. I'd have more time to create art, garden, and play with Lucy--much more important and interesting in my book than mundane housework. Perhaps subliminally, that is why I chose the image from this card last year as the cover picture for my website?!

Fortunately for me, I have a great imagination. I just close my eyes and POOF, my house is clean. HA--only in my dreams! Remember, dreaming is good for the soul! :)

How about you? Blog me back your favorite card from my new line of "Good Girls" greeting cards seen here: