Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucy Has Cancer, Part 1

This is a duplicate post from my Pet Blog.  I thought it appropriate to repost since Lucy has been an integral part of my art business.  My company name, Good Girl Designs, came about from her...

This is the most difficult post I've written to date.  As the title indicates, my little Sweet Pea, Lucy (dog), has cancer. I'm sick over this news.

Last year, Lucy had some developed some roly-poly, jelly-like feeling lumps. They were diagnosed as benign fatty tumors (lipomas). Lucy's vet said they did not operate on them until they interfered with walking or became the size of an orange. Well, the one near Lucy's rib cage enlarged to that size. We visited her vet again and the word, sarcoma, became part of our conversation. I was blown away! I didn't realize lipomas could develop into cancer.

I took Lucy to another vet for a second opinion. There we had blood work drawn and a biopsy for each of the two lumps. The one under her leg is benign and the "orange" is malignant spindle cell sarcoma cancer. (sob, sob)

Next week, Lucy is scheduled for surgery to have both lumps removed. Her prognosis is good if all cells are 100% completely removed.  The vet will need to take large margins so it doesn't grow back.  This type of cancer does not respond well to chemo.  Hopefully, she will not need radiation.

Below you will see Lucy on her bed gnawing on a pink tennis ball.  To prepare for surgery, we removed the legs and placed the base on the floor.  She has adjusted nicely to the change.  Of course, I miss her being at the same height as our bed where we gaze directly into each others eyes every morning.  However, this is a small price to pay for her safety while her sutures heal.
Please send your PAWSITIVE thoughts Lucy's way. Thanking you, in advance.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Imagination Squared Public Art Project, Part 5

Per my previous blog post, the Imagination Squared Public Art Project, which I participated in, now has a permanent location at the Main Branch of the City of Jacksonville (FL) Public Library. Below is a photo of the wall where our canvases will hang. Yee-ha!

Click here to get the details for the opening reception. It is free to the public.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Imagination Squared Public Art Project, Part 4

BIG news!  Last year, I participated in the Imagination Squared Public Art Project.  Do you remember my blog posts about it?  If not, click on the "parts" below for a refresher in creativity:

An exhibit at MOCA in Jacksonville, FL featured all 900+ squares during the Fall, 2010.  Now, the founders of the project have located a "permanent" exhibit space for every participant's art at:

The City of Jacksonville Public Library
Main Branch
Conference Center Level
303 N. Laura Street
Jacksonville, FL

An unveiling reception will take place on:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am unable to attend the reception.  If you go, please be sure to comment at the end of this post to tell those of us who cannot attend about the show.

My donated art piece for the exhibit, "Hip To Be Square", is pictured below:

"Hip To Be Square", © Susan Calvert, all rights reserved