Saturday, July 10, 2010

Imagination Squared Public Art Project, Part 2

A week and a half ago, I received my square for the Imagination Squared Public Art Project (Part 1). Here is Part 2, describing my process from start to finish. Let's paint!

I decided to paint in the whimsical style of pop art.

Sketch and base coating.

Hips, background squares, bee, and belly button.

The number 2 and squares on the sides.

My finished piece of art. Yippee!

A close-up view of the side and front.

So what's it called, you ask? The title is:

Hip to Be Square

I'll be dropping it in the mail after the finish dries today. Hopefully, it will arrive quickly and generate some good laughter. Yee-ha!


3 Peeps Designs said...

Love everything about it from the subtle polka dots to the bee and sides! Great name too!

Susan Calvert said...

So glad I made you smile today, Mona!

The polka dots are squares. They are difficult to see in the photo being so tiny.