Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silly Cat and Dog Angel T-Shirts

I received an awesome surprise email. My customers, Shirley and Dean, sent pictures modeling their silly cat and dog angel t-shirts they purchased from me. Both are avid animal lovers and guardian to a sweet-as-can-be fur-baby pooch named Caddy.
Notice the pictures.  For the first time ever, pets are being allowed on the golf course.  My shirts have now got "game".  Fore!
Cruise on over to my website,, to purchase your own silly pet t-shirt to wear at the golf course, work or school.  They are guaranteed to generate some laughs.  Email me a picture wearing it and I'll feature you on my blog


Brandneusense said...

No greater joy than seeing random strangers wearing your shirt design, we can attest to that! :)

Susan Calvert said...
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Susan Calvert said...

I have awesome customers. Their smiling faces validate and drive my creativeness.

Susan Calvert said...

PS: Wholesale pricing is available on the t-shirts.