Thursday, February 12, 2009


New art by Susan Calvert:

Here is my muse, Lucy-dog, above modeling a new reversible soldered glass art pendant I created. "Jade" is from one of my original paintings. The reverse side of the pendant reads:

In Search of: CHOCOLATE

My hubby can attest, sometimes I turn into the very wicked Cruella De Vil searching for chocolate in our home. I've even sent the poor man shopping at all hours of the night for the stuff and I'm not preggers!

What is it that makes chocolate soooooo good? I don't know, BUT I GOTTA HAVE IT when I gotta have it. I'm addicted!!!

As a child, I remember raiding the medicine cabinet thinking chocolate EXLAX was candy. OMG, talk about personal problems!

My neighbor tells me she guards her stash from her family by placing a torn piece of paper between the cabinet base and door. Should she find the piece of paper be on the floor, some one is in trouble. Too funny!

Give this pendant with a box of chocolates and you'll score lotsa brownie points! Perfect for birthdays and Valentines day. Oh, heck, any day is perfect for chocolate!

Large Pendant:

(front of pendant)
© Susan Calvert, all rights reserved

(back of pendant)

Click here to purchase this 1x2" pendant.

Tell me your "chocolate" story in the comments section of this post.

PS: NEVER feed your dog chocolate. Their hearts beat faster than humans. The caffeine acts as a stimulant and can hurt or kill them.


Cori said...

The picture of your dog drew me in. I love that you have her model your art. Really creative & I totally can relate to the need for chocolate

Susan Calvert said...

Thanks for the compliment. My dog-gal, Lucy, is so special to me. She follows me around always begging to help so I put her to work.
I love your blog "It's a zoo" with all of your fur and feather babies. What a fun read!
Regarding chocolate: Think I've O.D.'d on it this holiday--ugh! A girl's gotta have what a girl's gotta have, right? At least, it's NOT exlax. Ha!
Give your babies a pet from us,