Monday, June 28, 2010

Have a Heart, Soldered Pendant Art

I was very busy in my studio most the the weekend making jewelry art. The term upcycling comes to mind for this adventure.

Upcycling refers to reusing an object in a new way without degrading the material it is made from, as opposed to recycling which generally involves breaking down the original material and making it into something else, using more energy.

These pendants were created using dinnerware, broken into shards and painted with funky designs. Hearts are a favorite symbol of mine. So hearts it was. Then I soldered around them using lead-free solder and added a jump ring to make a pendant. A 30" silver ball chain completes the necklace. Pretty cool, huh?

If you see a piece you would like to purchase for yourself or a loved one, let me know via email at Hurry, 'cause I'm heading out at the end of the week to check on some galleries to carry them.

Of course, my blog would not be complete without Lucy dog modeling my work of art...


3 Peeps Designs said...

As always, I love your art and your dog, Lucy!

Susan Calvert said...

Thank you, Mona, for your nice compliment. Hugs to you and yours too!

Susan Calvert said...

I'm delighted to report all of these pendants were accepted into Re-Inspiration Store. The store is located in the design district at 810 Huff Road, Atlanta, GA. Phone 404.352.1971