Friday, July 3, 2009

The Sketchbook Project, Volume 4: Library

Yippee, I am participating in The Sketchbook Project, Volume 4: Library through the Art House Coop located in Atlanta, GA.

Thinking Inside the Box
© Susan Calvert
all rights reserved

Sketchbooks offer a personal glimpse into an artist's life. For this project, I will receive a bar coded Moleskine sketchbook to create art in based upon a randomly given theme. I love the fact Art House is selecting the theme. It forces me to think "outside" the box.
(Image, right: "Thinking Inside the Box")

The bar code will link my sketchbook to a searchable database library. Visitors will receive a library card and be able to view my book at exhibitions around the country. My sketchbook will become part of a permanent collection once the U.S. gallery tour is complete.

I am really looking forward to this project. I've never used a Moleskine sketchbook nor have I ever sketched in a book so small, 5-1/4 x 8-1/4". And as mentioned above, I am so excited about being given theme to stretch my creativity. Yippee!

The exhibit will start December 11, 2009 at:

Art House Coop
309 Peters Street
Atlanta, GA 30313

Below is a short CNN video from the previous Sketchbook Project:

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