Friday, January 16, 2009

New Art: Good Girls Greeting Cards and Soldered Jewelry

"Fresh Juicy News" coming at ya!

I've expanded my art portfolio from cats and dogs to now include people. Yay!!!

My "good girls" series are modern funky women portraits. Six handmade cards with humorous greetings and a sneak peek of my soldered jewelry pendants are now on my website. Click here to be the first to see them!


Leslie said...

I recieved the "Betty" necklace as a holiday gift. THANKS SUSAN! It was a big hit with the ladies in my networking group. It's bright colors attracted attention from across the room. In fact, one of them proclaimed it should say "another ZOLOFT moment" on the back. Now we know how SHE keeps her happy on :)
The cards are great for those quick "thank you"s and just dropping a note to say hello. Remember to include lots of stickers and doodles in the empty spaces.

Susan Calvert said...

Hey Leslie,

Hip, hip hooray!!! Glad you liked your gifts.

Tell your lady in the networking group, I contemplated using Zoloft. Prozac was easier on the tongue. "Happy" she could relate and got a big laugh from it :D

Sending warmth your way,

Susan Calvert said...

Update: My supplies have been delayed. I'm hoping they arrive shortly and I'll have these babes for sale by February 1.