Sunday, October 12, 2008

Project: Glass Fusing, Funky Faces--"Mole"

Currently, I am studying glass under the direction of award-winning glass artist, Teresa Barns. I've always been attracted to the sparkling properties of glass. I enjoy the way light reflects from it creating ever-changing attributes.

Here is my first project entitled "Mole". (Click on image for a close-up view.)

I created this piece using a tack fuse verses a full fuse process. Tack fusing gently melts the glass in place allowing the 3-D texture of the glass to remain in tact.

"Mole" is part of my new series entitled Funky Faces, which means you'll be seeing more of these eclectic abstract caricatures as I create them. Two more Funky Faces are ready for firing this week. Yee-ha! (Cross your fingers they come out okay. Glass can be finicky in the kiln.)

"Mole" is available for purchase on my website. And what perfect timing with Halloween just around the corner. Boo!

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