Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wanted - Domestic Fairy Godmother

Oh my goodness, where does time go? This past week was so busy. Hubby was working from home and Lucy (dog) tore the ligament in her knee. I am continuing to build my website and work on my new line of greeting cards entitled "Good Girls".

I created 6 funky paintings of women last year and thought they would make a fun line of cards. I brainstormed this past week for the inside copy. I was waking up at 2 and 3 am searching for a writing instrument and pad of paper in the dark next to my bed. Hubby was upset because my jostling was waking him even though the light wasn't on.

I didn't want to lose my ideas. You know how it is when something is on your mind: Quick, write it down! I grabbed the pen and notepad and wrote. To my surprise, my writing was actually legible during daylight hours--yippee!!!

I'm a bit tired from the late night hours. It seems my best creative genius comes in the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps, I am part owl?

As usual, I am behind on my projects: taxes, gardening (phlox, crocus, daffodils and pansies are presently blooming here) and the ever loving, housework--ugh!

My very favorite card and verse in my new line of greeting cards is: "Wanted - Domestic Fairy Godmother" (see image above). Suits me to a tee! I'd love to have my housework magically done for me. I'd have more time to create art, garden, and play with Lucy--much more important and interesting in my book than mundane housework. Perhaps subliminally, that is why I chose the image from this card last year as the cover picture for my website?!

Fortunately for me, I have a great imagination. I just close my eyes and POOF, my house is clean. HA--only in my dreams! Remember, dreaming is good for the soul! :)

How about you? Blog me back your favorite card from my new line of "Good Girls" greeting cards seen here:

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