Friday, August 15, 2008

Project Runway Challenge

Fashion Designer, Jonelle, recently sent me this photo of her latest fashion creation for Oxy-Jen. Jonelle created the outfit seen here of her home state football team. Go Buckeyes!

I think this should be a challenge for the designers on my favorite television show, Project Runway, as seen on Bravo TV. I've watched every episode from the start. (Jay is my all-time favorite designer. Laura is my 2nd favorite designer.)

Hey Heidi and Tim! I think it would be a very unique and interesting challenge to have the designers create a weeks worth of oxygen tank outfits for people like Jonelle. I know it would lift her spirits to have designer oxygen tank clothes--ha! I can Jonelles's laughter now as she reads this. As they say on the show, "It's sew time....."

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